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What is the pos test procedure to guarantee quality?

Test is one of the Key chain in the quality guarantee, we will show you some brief pos hardware test procedure about how to guarantee the quality.
All the parts, each cable ports have to be tested before it leave workshop, so the quality is strictly guaranteed with detailed checking list at each step:

1. Key Material test before produce, such us LCD monitor, motherboard...
2. Systemic test after assembly
Such as LCD monitor movable angle, is the cable connector solid or not?
3. Whole machine aging test 24*hourpos test procedure checking list with CPU 100% usage, monitor CPU hard disk temperate.
4. Test all the functions each port.
Such as the touch screen operation on all the different area, all the USB interface, each serial parallel interface.
So there is few accidental issues when you start the machine, all the issues is under the control. We did all these so you feel free about the quality.
Notice: Considering the business confidentials, just partial items are listed here for the customers’ reference.
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