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How to supply power for VFD, LED pole customer display?

Normally customer pole display has two cables: Serial interface cable (for data transportation) and power supply cable (for power supply). Here we will introduce different power supply ways of LED customer pole and VFD customer pole display.

1. The power supply of LED/LCD customer pole display

The power supply requested is 5V DC, and it can be supplied by USB interface. Normally it is serial interface cables+ USB power supply cables.
Power supply for VFD pole customer display
2. The power supply of VFD customer pole display

The power supply requested is 12VDC, and it can not directly be supplied by USB interface because normally the USB just can supply 5VDC.
Normally there are two common ways to supply 12VDC:
Way 1:
Add more external power supply adaptor, and the adaptor just separately supplies VFD power.
Way 2:
Configure Serial interface to output DC12V for VFD customer pole. Normally the serial interface is just for data transportation and there is no DV12V output for VFD power supply. But now the VFD interface can be set on the motherboard by jumper setting(NOT software setting, BUT hardware setting), this way one serial interface can be for data transportation and power supply together.


After the interface is configured, the serial interface just can connect VFD customer pole, other peripherals will be burned if other pos hardware peripherals connect this configured serial interface.

So normally Way 1 is adopted because there is no special request for operator, and it is flexible and easy to maintain. Way 2 can reduce a power adaptor, it is more compact, but it requested the operator know well about the interface purpose.

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