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How to select RFID card reader?


Now the RFID card is popular for VIP customer and employee management because of the non-contact features compared with Magnetic card, when you select RFID cards reader, please check the three points as following:

1.The cards type, RFID ID card EM4100/4102 chipset or RFID IC card with Mifare one chipset.

ID card, just ID serial number built in the card, it is read only card.
IC card, Beside ID serial number, there is more information can be written in it. It is read and written card.Choose the right RFID card reader
If it is just for one function, such as VIP member, employee door access, ID card is enough.
If the card is for multiple functions such as salary, door access, parking…, IC card is better.

2. The data output format of pos software
The card reader will output the card serial number with different format, most popular is 8H10D and 2H 10D+4H 10D, the restaurant pos software should support the format.

3. The interface, USB, RS232, 485

Now USB interface is popular and convenient, and it is “plug and play”, no need driver.

4.  For RFID IC card, Just read the card serial number or Card serial number + other information saved in IC card storage area?
IC card, there is storage can be written and read some relevant information. if you just need to read the card serial number, the general read-only card reader is enough.If you also want to read the information saved in IC ard storage area, you need RFID card reader writer.

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