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What is the difference between thermal printer and dot matrix printer?


In pos hardware industry, there are two kinds of pos receipt printer, pos thermal printer and dot matrix pos printer, they have different features for different applications. the details is as following:
1. Compared with Dot matrix printer, the thermal printing speed is very fast, and the printing noise is very low, moreover the thermal printer can print very clear and very easy to use.
2. Thermal printer can not print directly the duplex, the printed documents can not be permanently saved, even the printer use the best thermal paper it also just can save 10 years. Normoally it is about 3-6 months.
3. Dot matrix printer can print the duplex and multiple copies, and if the printer use a good ribbon, then printed documents can be stored for a long time,
4. Dot Matrix Printer print speed is low, the printing noise is vey big. More over the printing handwriting is very rough, and it need to frequently replace the ribbon.

So if you need to print invoices, recommend you use dot matrix printer. if you just print other normaly documents, the thermal printer is suitable.

printed by thermal printerprinted by dot matrix printer

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