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How to choose the pos power supply unit?


The pos power supply unit is very importtant part of point of sale hardware and it has two kinds:
Traditional Box ATX power supply unit, normally it is used on desktop computer.
1. It transfers AC 220V/110V to the computer working voltage DC 5V, 12V 24V.
2. It includes rectifier circuits, control circuits Fan…
3. The fan should be used to cool because too much heat is caused from AC 220V to DC.
4. The unit is put inside the pos case.
pos atx power supply unit

Pos Power supply adaptor, normally it is used on laptop, notebook.

1. The adaptor: AC 220V/110V input, DC12V output.pos power supply unit adaptor
2. The main host, DC 12V input.
3. The unit is put outside the case.

The difference of the two kinds of Power supply unit:
1. Traditional BOX ATX Power supply unit has one extra fan, it cause a big noise.
2. Traditional BOX ATX power supply increases the heat dispersion issue inside the pos case.
3. The extra fan increase failure rate because the fan is easy to get failure.
4. Traditional box power supply unit is more difficult to maintain because it need professional guys to open the case to replace. While the power supply adaptor is easy to replace and get spareparts in the market because it is outside of the case and standard module.
5. Power supply adaptor is safer than traditional BOX ATX power supply unit because power supply adaptor’s output is DC 12V.

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