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Barcode scanner BS-01
  • Barcode scanner BS-01

Barcode scanner BS-01

1. Handheld point of sale barcode scanner

2. Laser type,
 USB Interface

3. Automatic trigger

4. Reading Distance: 2.5 -600mm 

Cable Length: 1.5-2.0m

6. Color: milk white, black

Product details

1. The point of sale barcode scanner is the items number input tools via USB, PS2 or RS232. normally it is used where all the items has barcode information on it.

2. If the items don have barcode information on it, you need pos label printer to print the barcode sticker and paste it on the items.

3. The items management functions are realized NOT by point of sale barcode scanner, BUT by software on the pos system

The pos barcode scanner specification is as following:
1. Color: milk white, black
2. Automatic trigger
3. Interface: USB
4. Cable Length: 1.5-2.0m
5. Housing: ABS plastic
6. Simple installation, keyboard wedge, serial
7. Superior keyboard wedge interface NOVELL compatible auto caps lock detection ensures that the data always appears on the computer just the way it is encoded in the bar code.
8. Simple programming from your keyboard or scan bar codes!
9. Over 180 configurable options
10.Auto detection of the type of computer (PC, XT, PS/2 and Window terminals with a PC compatible keyboard interface)
11.Can be used with or without the keyboard
12.Supports over twenty different keyboard layoutshandheld barcode scanner with stand
13.Map bar code to any key on the keyboard
14.Supports editing, operations include ( , stripping , filtering , convert case )
15.Macro support, replace a string in the bar code with another
16.Programmable preamble and termination strings
17.READ / NO-READ indicators (Buzzer and LED )
18.Superior reading performance utilizing advanced decoding algorithms
19.Extended ASCII support for code 128 bar codes
20.Low power consumption
Optical Parts:
1. Scanner Type: Bi directional
2. Scan mode: manual type (can match stands)
3. Light Source: 650-670nm ( Visible )
4. Scan Rate: 100 scans per second
5. Resolution: 0.10mm ( 4 mile ) PCS0.9
6. Reading Distance: 2.5 -600mm ( 100% UPC / EAN )
7. Print Contrast : 30% minimum reflective difference
8. Dimension: L160mm x W65mm x H85mm
9. Weight: 0.5KG
10.Scanning angle: Inclination angle 45º Elevation angle 60º
11.Certificate: CE FCC CCC RoHS ISO9001:2008

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