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What is the magnetic card reader?

The magnetic swipe card reader is used to read and write magnetic cards and passbook magnetic stripe information, it is widely used in finance, telecommunications, commerce, transportation, customs, and membership card consumption and pos hardware and other fields.

The magnetic card reader has different types:

1. Divided according to function module
1) Ordinary magnetic card reader without a keyboard, it just can read magnetic information;
2) The keypad magnetic reader: the body with a small keyboard, you can enter a password.
2. Divided according to reading capability of different magnetic track:
1) single track magnetic card reader, single 1/ single 2 / single 3-track magnmagnetic card reader with USB interfaceetic card reader.
2) multiple track magnetic card reader; 1&2 double-track magnetic card reader, 2&3 double-track magnetic card reader; and the full three-track magnetic card reader.

3. Divided according the interface:
The magnetic card reader has keyboard port, serial port, USB

And the common features of magnetic card reader are as following:

1) read the card with bi-direction.
2) power from the host computer, no external power supply.
3) magnetic standards: ISO 7811-7815
4) decoding: F2F (FM)
5) Swipe speeds from 10-120cm / s,
6) The head life: ≥ 600,000 times

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