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Why is the beverage system needed in restaurant?


Soft drinks, milk, coffee, and hot and iced tea are necessary beverages for most food-service operations. For soft drinks, you can either offer canned beverages or buy a dispensing system. Unless you expect an extremely low sales volume in this area, the dispensing system will be more profitable.

You will typically pay 55 to 65 cents a can for soft drinks, which yobeverage systemu can then sell for about $1.25. While thats certainly an acceptable profit, a soft drink system will generate 10 to 15 cents more profit per drink. Syrups for colas, root beer, diet drinks, and other beverages can be obtained from your local beverage distributor. And please promote the beverage on your point of sale hardware system, this way more customers will order it.

Check with your local health department to see if you must serve milk in individual cartons or if it may be poured into glasses from a larger container. Youll make more money using the latter method.

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