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What is the pos development history?


Commercial electronic cash register is the outcome of the integration of microelectronics technology development and modernization of commodity circulation management concepts and technology development, and the commercial electronic cash register gets essential electronic equipment of the modern, automated business management.

The worlds first cash register is manufactured by James Ritty in 1879. And its function is only for the business record memos and supervision of the misconduct of the employ.

point of sale hardware structureIn the late 1960s, with the rapid development of electronic technology, the Japanese successfully developed electronic cash registers (ECR). The invention of the electronic cash register has the epoch-making significance. Its technical performance and commercial capabilities is far beyond the prototype of institutional cash cash registers. With the intelligent and networking multifunctional features it gets an effective tool and means of labor management, account management, product management in the commercial sales.

In the mid of 1980s, the point of sale hardaware system (POS) dedicated for business came out. It became the third generation cash register machine. The biggest difference between POS and ECR is that pos has the characteristics of direct real-time recorded, and there is a strong online real-time processing capabilities. The POS system integratied computer hardware and software formed an intelligent business workstation which not only can work independently but also in a network environment.

Commercial electronic cash register met the wish of the store owners around the world. The High efficient, high accuracy and high real time features in the accounting business, sales statistics on commodity management make it is possible that the commercial owners just invest little, but can quickly and accurately all in the detailed process of commodity circulation the data.

It enables owners easy for market research, internal management, decision-making, employee department evaluation, and can largely reduce operating costs.

It is no exaggeration to say that wthout the commercial electronic cash register there would be no commercial automation and modernization.In future business without the help of the commercial electronic cash register, the operators will be at an absolute disadvantage in the competition in the market.

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