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What kind of special service will your catering offer?


Before you start your catering business, advises Salt Lake City caterer Maxine Turner, know your market from both the competition and customer perspectives, and find a niche no other caterer is serving. "Know every catering company and what they do," Turner says. "Find something someone else isn providing, and focus your attention there in the beginning. Start out small. The diversity will happen as your company grows."different speical offer can make your catering successful

She advises targeting areas near office parks, because if you do a good job for a companys breakfasts, lunches, and business parties, the employees may also hire you to handle their personal social events. Ask businesspeople you know what they look for in a caterer and what they would like to have that they can find. with point of sale hardware system, you can record the sale items and analize them.

You need to know what the other caterers in town are doing. Call them up and ask for their menus. Find out what services they offer, who works for them, and who their clients are. Use that information to develop your own service package and marketing strategy. "Its much easier to get started," Turner says, "when you e providing a service people want but that no one else is offering." breakfasts, or even picnic baskets. Another popular niche market is cooking health-conscious meals for dual-career couples who don have time to cook for themselves

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