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What is the EAN-13 barcode?

EAN is the abbreviation of European Article Numbering. EAN-13 is a relatively common general terminal product barcode protocols and standards, mainly used in supermarkets and other retail.

The front code 3 is the country code, the middle 4 is a manufacturer code, the then code 5 is the product code, and the last one is automatically generated check code.

Below the barcode symbol, it is the number 13 corresponding with the above barcode for employee recognition. And number 13 preferr the OCR-B set character. Between the number 13 top and barcode at the bottom the minimum distance of 0.5modules wide.

The left one number call prefix, in the EAN-13 commodity barcode the prefix is said by barcode character, and the prfix is not included in the data symbols in the left.

EAN-13 barcode
The right data symbols and check character are said with the character set C subset (using character set A subsets or B subset as left data character depends on the prefix value.). And the check character is used to test if the front number 12 is correct.

When the barcode scanner hardware scan the barcode information each time, it can calculate the front number 12 data character checking and check if the check character is correct.

With the easy features, the EAN-13 code is our common common barcode, it greatly facilitates the flow of goods, and thus it gets more and more widely applied and most of barcode scanner is compatible with the kind of barcode.

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