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Our touch Pos hardware passed the strict test of customer in France.

Today we got good news from our customer in France- that the touch screen pos terminal hardware passed the test of its strict.

In order to decrease the total software cost, the customer sales application software is under Linux operation system. This point requested that the pos hardware have to work under Linux operation system, and all the pos peripherals should have good compatibility with Linux system.

It took 7*month to test pos hardware sample. In the 7*month, customer tested these items: reliability, compatible with Linux operation and application system, operation convenience and some other items. In the reliability test, the touch screen is kept power on and runtest of touch pos hardware francening the software with 100% CPU usage. In the software compatibility test, the engineer operated the software with different functions, and turn on off the system many times. All the items, the pos hardware worked well!

At last the customer told us “We are about to conclude and launch commercially. We have been having some small troubles fixing the Linux kernel and it is ok now. As said we ll need some other materials, some short term supply and then other we can afford longer shipment term. And we can place new order by end next week”

"The pos hardware passed the strict test”, here it is a start and we will do better further service. And sure we will have further long term win-win cooperation!

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