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How to judge the bug for pos receipt printer?

The malfunction of pos receipt printer
(1) Check whether the cable has been connected in the correct way and whether the power condition is normal.
(2) Check if there is paper in the printer or the paper gets stuck.
(3) Change another printer or connect it with other pos equipment to observe whether it can function well.
Several common fault of the printer
(4) Observe if the printer can operate well under the CHECK environment and judge whether there is something wrong with the application program.

The printing is vague or the word is incomplete.
(1) The ribbon runs out of color and needs to be changed.
(2) The print head or the cable is broken.
(3) The bidirectional printing position of the needle printer offsets. And you need to check whether the belt is loose.
(4) The receipt printing offsets.

Problems caused by the broken print head cable.
(1)The printer can’t do the self-inspection.
(2)The paper entry is abnormal.
(3)The printing process is discontinuously and the result is unclear, incomplete and overlapping.
Some problems are caused by the serious damage of the belt gear.
The ribbon fails to run.

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