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How does food Court work?


A food court is a congregation of six to 20 restaurants--usually quick, service establishments--in one location. The primary attraction of the concept is the wide assortment of menus from which to choose. In addition, food courts are appealing due to their convenience, atmosphere, and value.
Food court can meet different tastes of different customers.

Food courts are often located in large shopping malls, but they e also found in office buildings, sports arenas, universities, and other places where large numbers of people congregate. Food courts can serve as anchors for strip malls. Some food courts insist that all restaurant tenants operate from in-line stores. Others allow some to operate from kiosks or carts. Popular food court restaurants include those specializing in pizza and Italian food, Chinese food, ice cream, Mexican food, soups and salads, baked potatoes, and hamburgers and hot dogs and sometime all the food court shares the same pos hardware payment platform.

Food court rents tend to be on the high end of retail locations. But even though most food courts are in heavy-traffic areas, thats no guarantee that youll get enough business to justify the cost of the location. Do careful market research before signing a lease.

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