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How to deal with restaurant Garbage and Sanitation?


Restaurants generate vast amounts of garbage: Take a stroll down any busy city avenue around 11 P.M. and youll see the minions dragging out great black plastic bags. Big restaurants and hotels often use huge metal containers that are specially designed to be loaded onto a truck.

Such is the quantity of restaurant garbage to be collected that the regular sanitation department cannot cope with it. This is where the private sanitation companies come in and, again, if you stroll along city streets late at night, youll see the garbage trucks with private company names on the side.suitable company can help you deal with restaurant Garbage professionally

Don fuss about finding a suitable company. About three minutes after you sign the lease on your premises, a representative from the company that, by long-established custom, covers your area will arrive on your doorstep. The fees are about the same wherever you go. Once youve agreed to give the company your business (and youll have to give it to someone!), youll find you e protected from being bothered by a visiting sales rep from other companies. A discreet sticker in your front window will indicate to other sanitation folk that everything is taken care of. Private sanitation companies are renowned for their efficiency. Also the processing cost should be included in your operation cost in restaurant pos system.

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