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How to be a professional caterer?


Some caterers demand payment of the balance due immediately after the event; others will send the client a bill the day after the party. Whichever you choose, be sure the client knows in advance what to expect, and make it clear that the bill doesn include gratuities for the serving staff. And it is better the bill which is printed by pos equipment should be shown to your customers. If the client decides to tip, the money should be divided among the staff after the party.The caterer should know the purpose is to serve the client not to attend the party.

While you should always be on the alert for ways to promote your business, you should never promote yourself at an event you e catering. "I never market myself at events," Turner agrees. "We e there as a support to whatever event we e doing, and thats not the proper time for us to advertise." Her company name is on the aprons the staff wears but not on anything else. And while shell provide a business card if asked, she doesn put her cards on display. A truly professional caterer, she believes, is virtually invisible at the event, where the focus should be on the occasion itself. "We don intrude. We e not guests; we e there to provide a service. I tell this to my service staff. Also, I don allow [my staff] to talk to each other when they e in front of the client, other than to take care of business. Even if they have friends who are attending the event, I discourage them from stopping to talk. They are there for a purpose, and that purpose is to serve the client."

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