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Four faults of the barcode reader and its solutions

Problem: the reader of pos hardware works, but the data transmission is incorrect.
Possible causes:
1. The port of the cable conductor becomes less crowded. Please fix the connector. 
2. The setting of the equipment keyboard’s input method is incorrect. Please correct it and allow English alphabets input. 

Problem: the reader cannot decode some bar code.Some time the reader cannot decode barcode
Possible causes:
1. Bar code has flaws. Try to scan the same kind of bar code to see whether it can read.
2. The distance between the reader and the bar code is improper. Please move nearer or farther. 
3. To print low quality bar code, the best distance is 5cm to 10cm.

Problem: the equipment cannot start.
Possible causes:1. Power supply connection is bad.
2. The computer barcode scanner has failure in an electronic circuit. Please send it back to company to maintain. 

Problem: the scanner light on but cannot decode.
Possible causes: 1. The setting is not normal. Please restart the reader and reset setting.
2. The setting of automatic reaction model to scan bar code may make the reader enter into protected mode. Please turn off the power and restart it. 

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